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help with start point schedule and resource

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In my simulation case, i wish to simulate a situation:
In a parcel transit depot, there are around 100 trucks unloading parcels everyday, there are three unloading docks, a unloading dock allows only one truck unloading parcels every time.
what i need to do is to simulate the first arrival truck unloading 4000parcels on unloading dock1, then the second arrival unloading 2000parcels on unloading dock2, the third one with 2500 parcels on dock3, then fourth arrival goes to dock2 as soon as dock2's unloading is finished...until the 100th truck. The new arrvial truck will go to the available dock or wait until a new dock is availble, there are 100 trucks come in different time.
Q1:The working items are the parcels because there will be lots of activties related with parcels after unloading, if i use start point schedule which indicates the first arrival batch is 4000, the second is 2000, the third is 2500, and the resources are three docks, then the first arrival 4000 parcels will occupy all three docks, however they are in the same truck, they can only occupy one dock,how can I make the 4000parcels from same truck use only one dock?
Q2:Using lables seem can solve the problem, but:
If I attach same lable as arrival1 to 4000parcels and used batch by type on dock1 unloading activity to make lable_arrival1 all go to dock1, how can i decide the 100 lables: 1-100 arrvials, which will be worked by dock1, which will be worked by dock2 and 3, there are 100 different arrivals, it is not possible match all the lables to docks, how to simulate the situation the waiting truck(parcels) will goes to the new released dock?

I am looking forward to your answer.



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    Hi there. I agree with you that the use of the Arrival Schedule is suitable for this and you can also set Labels through the Schedule. Once you do this you can either use Routing Out by Label to send parcels to the suitable docks (e.g. 1st truck with 4000 parcel has label of 1, and when the label is 1 it goes to the first Routing direction) , or even better, you can use Routing Out by Condition (e.g. go to Queue 1 when Label is between 1-25).

    Does this help? David

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