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Set label value from spreadsheet reference

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I am a beginner to Simul8. I am developing a rubber seal manufacturing model. I have 10 different product types and these are produced using 2 different work centers (press machines), say Press_1 and Press_2. Out of the 10 product types, 7 are manufactured in Press_1 and 3 in Press_2.
I have a spreadsheet where i have listed these 10 different product types and a column with "lbl_producttype" where i have specified "1" and "2" to define which press machine the respective product type should go for production.
At start point I have set the label value of lbl_producttype to {ss_inputdata[2,lbl_route+1]}, so that as the work items increase step by step, the label value is selected from the whole column.
But this is not working, the label value is not moving from the cell ss_inputdata[2,2] . Can anyone help me to solve this. Am i missing any settings ?
Advance thanks.


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    Hi Satishwar! I totally understand how you want to direct mould to Press 1 and 2, and I can see how what you are doing won't work. Please follow the following steps:
    1. Create a Label lbl_ID, action it at the Start Point and select Unique. This will give a unique Identifier to each of your Work items
    2. Action your lbl_producttype Label at the Start Point and select Set to. Set it to ss_inputData[2, lbl_ID]. This will allow the simulation to match the spreadsheet cell defining each Product type (used for directing your items) to each cell coming in (e.g. the first item with lbl_ID 1 will have an lbl_producttype label equal to ss_input[1,1]).
    3. Use lbl_producttype for your Routing out by Label to send the item to press 1 and 2 respectively.

    Does this make sense?
    Petra :)

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    Yes !!! It Worked.
    Thank You Very Much. This was a great help.
    Once again Thanks Petra.

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    Following the above method, i was able to run a simulation for 105 unique part numbers through 7 different press machines successfully. I ran it for 1 day.
    Now, there is a new query !
    As 105 part numbers were loaded for production, 24 part numbers (work items) successfully reached the end point in one day. I want to know the result/ report, what are those 24 lbl_IDs that reached the end point. Is there a way to get this data/ result ? Please help.

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    Hey! I've checked your question, and I wanted to obtain the same results. You can either Segregate Results: https://www.simul8.com/support/help/doku.php?id=features:segregate or you can use the File feature at the End Point: https://www.simul8.com/support/help/doku.php?id=features:exitcsv . This will record all the Label values for each Work item and the time each Work item reached the End Point. - Abimbola :D

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