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Questions about lunch breaks

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I have a question about lunch breaks: I have 5 work items waiting for being completed, and I have 5 workers as resources. What I want is that each worker can exactly deal with one piece of work (1 work items), i.e. no worker get more than 1 work item while no one get 0 item. How can I manage to do that? This is the way we want to simulate that workers take turns to take lunch break. We doubt that "shift" or "resource schedule" can accurately simulate this specific situation...Or is it recommended to use "resource schedule"as a simpler assumption? We do know that we cannot simulate everything exactly the same as the real world.


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    Hello! I was dealing with a similar issue in the past, and it seems that the Auto-adjust replicate option under Activity>Additional will do the job. I assume your Activity can handle more than one tasks at a time, i.e. it replicates, so as long as you have 5 workers, the Auto-adjust replicate capacity will enable the Activity workers are assigned to handle as many items as the Resources available.
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