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Hi all,
I am having a problem with two resources in a larger model. At the start the engineer has a maximum of 5 available resources, and the manager has a maximum of 1. As the model progresses, the engineers will go to zero, and eventually in week 8 a red zero appears. I am not sure what a red zero means, however after this point the engineers will become confused and never leave the task they are currently in, even though the task says there are no resources there.

Then in week 27 something else weird happens where an additional manager is added, so then there are 2. This will then drive this resource utilization percentage to a negative amount.

I have checked to make sure none of the tasks allow a resource to leave as a different type. And the resources should always be released upon work completion.



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    It appears my image did not attach correctly so here is a link: https://imgur.com/a/DMkSj9F

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    Hi there,
    This is Danai from SIMUL8 Support. The number over Resources can get red when the Resource is not on Shift at the time the model is paused/finished. Also, settings on Shift Behaviour determine on whether the Resource remains on the Activity after the Shift is finished or not. However, I advise you to send over your model to support@simul8.com so I can have a look at the negative results, as well as to let you know on whether what you are seeing is expected behaviour.

    Hope to see your email soon!

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