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Can I use ChangeOver time for package processing? — SIMUL8 Community Forum

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Can I use ChangeOver time for package processing?

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Hi :)
I can use ChangeOver Time at a Work Item count that I will be defining. However, I want to implement this only when each package is processed, and each package contains a different number of items.

Any ideas on simulating this?



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    Hi Stef,
    I am using SIMUL8 for a Uni project on logistics, so I am quite familiar with representing batches of items coming in SIMUL8.
    I understand there is no straightforward option on what you want to do through ChangeOver. Therefore I suggest using the Arrival Schedule, and use a Label on it. The Label value will be changing every time a new batch comes in.

    Then, when using ChangeOver time, use the "When Label changes" option, and then you will manage to synchronise the label change with the time a batch with different item number comes in.

    Does this make sense?


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