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Activity requires more than one resource type, but one type needs to be conditionally selected

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I am trying to model activities where more than one resource type is required, but one of the types needs to be conditionally selected. I noticed a feature within an activity that a resource can be conditionally selected based on label value, so I tried experimenting with that feature, however it seems only one resource type can be selected at a time in this fashion (because the label value can only select one resource type from the list of resource types).

How would one go about modeling an activity where Resource 1 is required, but then based on a label value either Resource 2 or 3 needs to also be present to help Resource 1 on the activity?

Would I have to create resource pools where Pool 1 would be resource 1 and 2, and then Pool 2 would be resource 1 and 3. And then conditionally select either Pool 1 or Pool 2?


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    Hi there, sorry for my delayed response!

    I can now understand what the issue is exactly. Indeed you cannot make Resource 1 stick to the Activity if you are using Select Resource by Label. My proposition then is the following:
    1. Create another Dummy Activity (Distribution= Fixed, Time=0) and connect it to the Actual Activity, so you have a simulation like:
    Start Point---->Queue---->Actual Activity---->Dummy Activity---->End Point
    2. Make the Dummy's Routing in Passive.
    3. Assign Resource 1 to Actual Activity and Resource 2&3 to the Dummy Activity. Implement Select Resource by Label on the Dummy.
    4. Create a group including the Actual and the Dummy Activities. Limit the Number of Work Items to 1. (Some more advice on Groups in case you need it: https://www.simul8.com/support/help/doku.php?id=features:groups

    In that way, you manage to both use Resource 1 and one of the 2nd and 3rd Resources based on the Label values. Also, you manage to break the task down to 2 Activities, and to represent how Resources are allocated and utilised.

    Hope this solves the question!
    Rob :)

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    Hi there,
    If you are using Pooled Resources, the reason you are seeing only one Resource being used is possibly due to the Priority in your Pool Settings. Try changing this to Circulate from List Sequence, so more Resources within the Pool can be used.

    if you want to use Labels, the most suitable option is to use Select Resource by Label, either by creating 3 Resources with 1 as Number available or by creating Pools if this is the set up in your model.

    I hope this helped a bit! :D


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    Hi Rob,
    I think resource pools cannot be used, since what I need is one of each resource types from the pool to be required at the activity. A resource pool is only taking one of the resources from the pool (whichever is available at the time). In a simple model this can be remedied by requiring 2 resources from the resource pool, however in more complex models there may be more than one of Resource 1 or more than one of Resource 2. Which means in some situations if Pool A is made up or Resource 1 and Resource 2, and the activity requires 2 resources from Pool A, there is a chance that it takes two Resource 1's to satisfy the requirement.

    What I ended up having to do in order to model an activity where one of Resource 1 is required, and then one of Resource 2 or 3 help Resource 1, but Resource 2 or Resource 3 is selected only based on the work item label value, is to set up two "similar" activities in parallel with each other. Activity 1 will require Resource 1 and Resource 2. Activity 2 will require Resource 1 and Resource 3. The routing to Activity 1 or Activity 2 is conditionally based by the work item label value.

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    Hi there,

    I am wondering, why have you done this, while you can simply assign Resource 1 and Resource 2 to your Activity, set Minimum and Maximum Requirement to 2 (through the details dialog), and then use "Select Resource by Label".

    However, if I don't quite catch what you are trying to do, and if the way you've done it solves the problem, go for it :)


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    Hey Rob,
    Let me see if I can clarify the issue. There are three resource types in the model, 1 of each type. One of Resource 1 is always required at the activity. Then based on a work item label, either one of Resource 2 is also required OR one of Resource 3 is also required. Basically the label value on the work item governs which other resource helps out Resource 1. This means I cannot adjust the minimum and maximum amounts to 2 on a single resource type, since only one is required of each type. Also I am pretty sure "Select Resource by Label" can only work if one resource type is required for the activity (I need two resource types required at the activity).

    If this does not clarify the issue. I will take a screenshot of my simulation with comments and link a picture to the next post. :)
    Thank you for your continued support.

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