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Loads of tasks accounted for

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Hi there,
I have just downloaded the trial and so far, so good!
I work in construction and I am trying to build a simulation where one activity represents loads of different tasks. For example, loading an unloading a cement mixer seems like one task but it has the manual loading, waiting for cement to mix thoroughly and then it is unloaded into separate pipes to be distributed to different parts of the site. Can I do this, or do I need to have separate activities and use different people (resources?) for each one?!

Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Duncan,

    How about trying Multi Task Timing in SIMUL8? It will allow you consider separately loading a cement mixer and waiting for a cement to mix. You will be able to assign a time at each of these tasks and to decide whether you will allocate a Resource of your choice to each task. You can then use Routing Out by Percent to send Work Items in different directions. You can adjust the amount of Work items travelling to each of these routes by defining certain percentages. I have found this Help file of SIMUL8 which can be useful!

    Does that help?

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