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Welcome to the SIMUL8 Community!

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Hi! We’re really excited to welcome you to the SIMUL8 Community!

We set up this community to create a place where you can ask questions, get tips and share your ideas and knowledge with SIMUL8 users from around the globe.

There are already lots of discussions going on – you can always check if your question has already been discussed by doing a quick search. If you need any other help or support, you can also visit the SIMUL8 Support Portal or learn about our training options.

To keep the community running smoothly and ensure everyone has a great experience, we have a few simple house rules:

  • Be polite. Treat everyone with the same respect you’d like to be treated with.
  • Don’t post illegal, adult-themed, racist, abusive, sexist or otherwise offensive or defamatory content. Doing so will result in your account being deleted.
  • Use meaningful headlines. Give your topic meaningful headlines so that other members can understand what it is about.
  • Give the search bar a try. Before opening a new discussion on a topic, use the search bar to see if it has already been covered. This will help avoid having multiple discussions for the same topic and keeps the community tidy.
  • Say thanks. You can mark comments as useful if they help solve your question.
  • Don’t share any personal data. Don’t include information like your full name, email address or phone number in public posts.

We’ll be making more improvements so please let us know what you like about the community, what you don’t like and how we can improve it.

We hope you enjoy using the Community! Why not start by replying to this post to say hello and let us know where you’re from?

The SIMUL8 team


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