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Simul8 dashboard

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Hello! I am using the scenario manager from Simul8 pro to change some parameters from several spreadsheets. The problem is that after every trial a “simul8 dashboard” window pops up and I need to click Ok in order to let the simulation keep running. Since I need to run more than 70 combinations (trials) it is very annoying to keep clicking Ok after every trial. Do you know to deactivate that window? Thanks!


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    I assume that what you mean by SIMUL8 dashboard is the KPI manager that pops up at the end of trial? You can disable the window popping up by using the Visual Logic command display results summary (see below).

    You should be able to just put it in a new visual logic section and press execute once and the window will stop popping up at the end of the trial ;)

    Hope that helps.

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