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Routing in with match

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Back again with another problem...

I am still trying to collect an order and a part and match them together based on a label, and assemble. What happens in the simulation is that my assembly station will pull in an order, but if a part isn't available yet, it will just sit there until it does become available. In real life, if there isn't a part to match the order, the operator would select the next order on the list that has a match, and therefore he will not sit idle while waiting for a part.

How can I simulate this? I have "do not collect until all available" ticked but it's greyed out, so it doesn't seem to work with matching on. I'd like the assembly station to pull in both an order and a part, not just the order and sit waiting for the matching part.

This seems like a simple problem that would be faced by lots of people simulating matching an order to a part/food/goods so it should be possible to have the simulation pull only when there is an order AND a part available, but I just can't work it out.

When paused, my simulation shows 1 in the assembly station, when it should be collecting 1 of each.



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    There is an example on the SIMUL8 site SPLIT_MERGE_ORDER that shows how to do this. Have you looked at this example? I have used the approach on models and it works fine.
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    Thanks - it turned out I was doing it correctly, the single part sitting in the work centre was post assembly awaiting exit, so the problem was in the subsequent buffer which was blocking the work station. All fixed now.
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    Hi Jholtman,

    I am also working on similar type of problem, can you please tell me where I can get "SPLIT_MERGE_ORDER" example. I am not able to find it on simul8 site.


    Jitendra Kumar
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    I can't find it either. Would be great if someone could provide it.

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    Hi, you can find that example at this link:


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