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VL Set Distribution Parameters for a Probability Profile

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How can I define/change a probability profile using VL ?

I am able to create the new distribution as probibility profile type using the "Create Distribution" VL command. But then, how can I change distribution parameters ? Indeed, the VL command "Set Distribution Parameters" does not enable this. I used "Set Number of Columns in Probability Profile" to set 2 columns and don't know what to do next.

As first example, I would like just to set a probability profile to set a label to 1 or 2 with 50-50% probability. How can I do that using only VL ?

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    If you simply have a two-column Probability Profile and just want to have the % as 50/50, you can do the following command lines:

    Set Number of Columns in Probability Profile dist_PP, 2
    Set Prob-Profile Distrib Column  dist_PP, 1, 10, 50
    Set Prob-Profile Distrib Column dist_PP, 2, 20, 50

    where "dist_PP" is the name of the Probability Profile, 1 = left most column, 2 = one column to the right and so forth, 10 and 20 are the sample values and 50 the %.

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