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grouping resources

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Hello world! I am Yan and i am from China. i am new to this software and naturally i have some problems. One of them is that a have one activity that can be executed seperately by 2 differnt groups of resources. To be more acurate i have two different kinds of operators with 2 different kinds of machinery and i want each time work comes into this working centre to be served by the group of resources which is available not by both of the groups. What shall i do?
Thanks for any help...!


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    You can specify for each machine which resources/operators are to be used for it. You can also create a pool of operators that can be used by any machine that uses that pool.

    So I would assume that one of the above conditions should be able to satisfy what you want to do. Or is there something else that I am missing from your description of the model?
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    no, you are simply the Simul8 God!!!

    Your humble servant!

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    Jim is one of the greatest simul8 modeler. indeed.. :))

    Kind regards/Jeff

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