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Specify routing of resources

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Hello there,

is there a way to influence the next location of a resource?

I would like to model a route train. As it gets goods from 10 different WCs more or less randomly, I would like to model it via a resource. However 2 of those WCs are sequentially connected.
--> The route train gets goods at some WC. Delivers it to the paint shop (resourced is attached to the item) and then it must pick up finished goods at the paint shop, deliver them at a special WC and then again he chooses a random WC and starts the process again.

Does anyone have an idea on how to do that?


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    Hello Simul8or,

    I am not quite sure I understand exactly how your model works but in general:
    If you want your resource travel with a work item where your train picks up a work item at an activity (WC) and then continues with that work item until the next activity where it gets released, this can be done through the detailed settings on activities>resources>detail

    You only have to apply the 'require but do not release' setting in the first activity in the series and the 'only release the resource here' at the last activity in the appropriate part of the process.

    If you would like some activities to get priority so when the resource needs to decide where to go next, you can use the resource priority on activities. Increasing the number means higher priority for all resources. You can find the feature when you select an activity>additional tab>Resource priority

    I hope this helps.


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