Manage Plugins

    Advanced Editor
    Created by Dane MacMillanVersion 1.8.1
    Enables advanced editing of posts in several formats, including WYSIWYG, simple HTML, Markdown, and BBCode.
    Created by Todd BurryVersion 1.2
    Adds Akismet spam filtering to all posts by unverified users and applicant registrations.
    All Viewed
    Created by Lincoln Russell, Oliver ChungVersion 2.2
    Allows users to mark all discussions as viewed and mark category viewed.
    Discussion Photos
    Created by Lincoln RussellVersion 1.2.2
    Displays photo and name of the user who started each discussion in discussion listings on modern layouts. Note that this plugin will not have any affect when table layouts are enabled.
    Emoji Sets
    Created by Becky Van BusselVersion 1.1
    Change your emoji set!
    Facebook Social Connect
    Created by Todd BurryVersion 1.2.0
    Users may sign into your site using their Facebook account and optionally share forum content there.
    Filtered Forum Search
    Created by Created for the Godot community forumsVersion 2.0
    Adds additional filters to search with.
    Created by Tim GunterVersion 1.1.1
    Allows users to report content that violates forum rules.
    Google SignIn
    Created by SupportVersion 1.0.0
    Users may sign into your site using their Google account.
    Google+ Social Connect
    Created by Todd BurryVersion 1.1.0
    This plugin is deprecated. Google is no longer supporting Google+ user authentication. Please use the Google Sign In plugin.
    Created by Mark O'SullivanVersion 1.5
    Implements Gravatar avatars for all users who have not uploaded their own custom profile picture & icon.
    Hero Image
    Created by Adam CharronVersion 1.0
    A plugin to add a hero image upload per category. The image is accessible through the Smarty tag `{hero_image_url}`. Supports a default image and inheritence from parents.
    In This Discussion
    Created by Mark O'SullivanVersion 1
    Adds a list of users taking part in the discussion to the side panel of the discussion page in Vanilla.
    OAuth2 SSO
    Created by Patrick KellyVersion 1.0.0
    Connect to an authentication provider to allow users to log on using SSO.
    Created by Todd BurryVersion 1.4
    Administrators may add raw HTML to various places on the site. This plugin is very powerful, but can easily break your site if you make a mistake.
    Profile Extender
    Created by Lincoln RussellVersion 3.0.2
    Add fields (like status, location, or gamer tags) to profiles and registration.
    Created by Todd BurryVersion 1.4
    Users may designate a discussion as a Question and then officially accept one or more of the comments as the answer.
    Created by Tim GunterVersion 1.9
    Adds an option to each comment for users to easily quote each other.
    Created by Robin JurinkaVersion 0.5
    Allows users to up- or down-vote discussions and comments.
    Icon kindly donated by VanillaSkins
    reCAPTCHA Support
    Created by Tim GunterVersion 0.1
    Add recaptcha validation to signups.
    Rich Editor
    Created by Adam CharronVersion 1.0.1
    The new WYSIWYG editor for Vanilla. Easy to use, with support for rich content embedding. Also supports a more minimal text mode, Markdown, and BBCode.
    Split / Merge
    Created by Mark O'SullivanVersion 1.2
    Allows moderators with discussion edit permission to split & merge discussions.
    Stop Forum Spam
    Created by Todd BurryVersion 1.0.1
    Got spammer problems? This integrates the spammer blacklist from to mitigate the issue.
    Stub Content
    Created by Tim GunterVersion 1.0
    This plugin adds stub content to new forums.
    Syntax Prettifier
    Created by Todd BurryVersion 1.2.3
    Adds pretty syntax highlighting to code in discussions and tab support to the comment box. This is a great addon for communities that support programmers and designers.
    Twitter Social Connect
    Created by Todd BurryVersion 1.2
    Users may sign into your site using their Twitter account.
    Vanilla Statistics
    Created by Vanilla StaffVersion 2.0.7
    Adds helpful graphs and information about activity on your forum over time (new users, discussions, comments, and pageviews).
    Created by Todd BurryVersion 2.1.0
    Provides fun default user icons from